”How much do you charge for product photography?” 

23 November 2018

”How much do you charge for product photography?”

I often get asked about pricing for product photography. It can be hard to say off the top of my head as every job is so different. I normally have a good chat with my client about what their brand needs before I am able to price up a job properly. However, after speaking with many business owners about this I thought it would be helpful to provide a guide so that they can be more clear on their investment.

These suggestions cater for online shops scenarios but are certainly not set in stone. You might want to tweak depending on your needs or add on to the amount of items. Just get in touch and we can cost out what you need. Photoshoots can always be tailormade to suit your needs but this should hopefully give you an idea.

£250 = 25 individual items of any of the examples below

1. In Studio – White/cut out background with drop shadow (no props)

2 angle variations (50 images in total)

Product photography shoesOR


2. In Studio – Plain coloured background – 2 variations (50 images in total)

Model not included.

kids fashion photography


3. On Location – Fashion accessories or footwear. Each item worn, and unworn (50 images in total)

Model not included

Shoe location fashion photography


4. In studio – Styled background, set position with different props (25 images in total) – Props not included

Product photography

Please note prices or volume of items are approximate and subject to change.

If you’d like to find out more, discuss ideas or book a shoot click the button below!

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Commercial photography in Newcastle

13 September 2018

The shoot had been planned for a few months. I had been contacted by Seth Ridley, MD at Kino Creative back in May and asked if I could help out by providing imagery for the KBR project.

KBR are a wi-fi and networking solution providers and they want to improve their website and have a more authentic presence, rather than using stock image all the time.

I had spoken to Seth at Kino creative a few times on the phone and the brief was to capture specific jobs being carried out by the team, indoor and outdoor, whilst also creating a sense of professionalism with posed and natural shots.

He wanted a photographer to capture the team actually at work during one of their projects in a school in the North East. The school was newly built and ready to open in September so the work had to be done in August whilst the teaching staff and children were not there.

The director at KBR was very organised and sent a list of all the jobs that would be getting carried out. He also made sure all the lads had brand new, branded polo shirts and high vis jackets so they looked great.

commercial installation photography newcastle by rachel mcclumpha

The team were a little camera shy on the day, but they relaxed as they realised they’d be no catalogue style posing, just a few tweaks to hand and arm positions as the photography was mostly done whist they were working.

KBR wifi installation commercial photography

commercial lifestyle photography

They also had to ‘act’ out a few situations that weren’t necessarily on the agenda of that working day. Like installing the outdoor cameras and units. KBR needed to have a range of shots to choose from so we mage sure we got a great variety of imagery on the morning.

newcastle commercial photographer

For more information on commercial photography shoots on the North East check out my main Commercial photography page

Lifestyle headshot session – case study #1

23 August 2018

I waited at The Cycle Hub, coffee in hand.

Laura had just rang to say she was running late – she had stylist Helen Lee at her home helping her with hair , makeup and clothing choices for the shoot and thy were just finishing off.

I had taken the opportunity to grab a Cycle Hub brownie (amazing by the way) and go to the loo before she arrived.

Laura had already had a photoshoot with me last year. It had been done at her home in Durham. Because Laura is a inspirational blogger she needs plenty of new content to keep her website and social media fresh and inspiring to her followers. I was looking forward to be seeing her again.

We had planned out the photoshoot with a Pinterest mood board and because I knew about Laura’s coaching and wellbeing business it was great to do something out doors this time to achieve a new range a imagery for her. Laura helps women with their goals and helps them plan out their life, towards a place that they really want to be, or to create the business of their dreams.

It was a lovely sunny day down on Newcastle quayside and I was conscious of finding shaded locations around the Ouseburn for the photography, as I didn’t want any harsh shadows to fall on Laura’s face and look unflattering.

Luckily there were lots of shaded places to choose from and I could visualise the end results looking great with all the available colours. I decided it would be wise to put my flash in the bag too just incase we needed to fill in any shadows.

Laura arrived. She looked great- her hair and makeup were lovely.

With the boot of her car open, she showed me a selection of clothes which she had brought and we took the chance to discuss options.

”I’ve got some key places in mind” I said,

and we wandered over to The Kiln. I knew there’d be other places we’d find on the way too.

Location scouting at The Kiln

I loved these mustard yellow triangles and had a vision of Laura standing here (especially great as Laura uses this colour in her branding) but the harsh sun had moved round and the location was now in bright sunlight. That was so frustrating! But I was so glad I packed my flash after all. I was able to get rid of the dark shadows by using a fill in flash.

Laura was a little nervous at first (which is totally natural) but she soon got past that and just did everything I asked. What a star – there were people around and walking past, builders, etc but Laura completed focused and didn’t let it bother her.

We did a few other locations around the area with interesting buildings and backdrops to give the impression we were at different locations. This would help Laura’s content look like it had been done on different days.

Lifestyle photography for business

Photography inside The Kiln

We ventured inside  The Kiln cafe, I had seen it a previously and thought it would make for a lovely lifestyle set up with her laptop and a coffee. The cafe is very chilled out and they were great about letting us do a few photos whilst we also took the opportunity to grab a drink. It’s a fabulous little place if you’re ever down at the Ouseburn, you should pop in.

Lifestyle location photoshoot in Newcastle

Location scouting at the Ouseburn farm area

Later after a visit back to the car and a quick change or clothes we went to a more natural location about 15 mins walk away. I loved the tall reeds as a background setting and it gave a whole different look to the other urban pictures we had gotten so far.

Lifestyle location photoshoot in Newcastle RJM-Photography

Location scouting for pink walls

As we headed in a circle back to the car we went past Seven stories – a great location for shady photos. This area has lots of colours and Laura was delighted to see the salmon pink which she uses in her branding.

I had spotted this area from my car before I met up with Laura and new it would make for a colourful and fun background. I did have to stand in the middle of the road to get some of the shots which was a bit hair-raising at times but I didn’t get run over and now live to see another day!

After the shoot Laura was able to use the pictures throughout her Instagram page and on her website. Its looking great and I’m so proud to have helped her achieve the branding and imagery she wanted. Check out Laura’s wonderful pages..

Website – wholeheartedlylaura.com

Instagram – Wholeheartedlylaura

How to Choose the Right Accessories for a Headshot Portrait

24 July 2018

choosing the right accessories for a headshot portrait sessionHow to choose the right accessories for a headshot portrait.

I asked Hannah, an independent stylist for Stella & Dot, to share some of her knowledge after attending one of her local events. I was really impressed with all the styling and jewellery wearing tips and thought it would be so, so useful to get her to write up a guest blog for my headshot portrait clients to read all about.

So let me introduce Hannah..

Hi I’m Hannah Hubb, I’ve been a stylist for nearly two years, starting my business on a complete whim to make a bit of extra money for Christmas selling the gorgeous, versatile, nickel free accessories … and two years later I am still going strong! So I’d love to give you some great suggestions and pointers to pick out jewellery accessories to wear for your headshot photography.

How Earrings are important to complete the look

Wear a statement earring alone, never put on a statement necklace too! Less is more but you can finish your look with some bracelets or a ring or two. 

Statement earrings are brilliant for elongating a face defining and complimenting cheekbones. Sparkly or white earrings push light on to the face too blurring your lines! 

Wear statement earrings with a strapless or one shoulder top. They can also be worn with crew, boat, polo or v neck.

Mixed metals work! Play around … gold and silver, rose gold and hematite – anything goes. 

‘’As a Stella & Dot stylist I get lots of training on how best to wear accessories”

How to wear a statement and pendant necklaces

If you decide to wear a statement necklace finish your look with a simple stud earring. 

If you have a large bust wear a statement necklace with caution, play around first. 

Statement necklaces work well with a crew neck. V necks also look good ( fill the v with the statement). Denim shirts look fab with a statement … just do the collar up and add your statement! 

Pendant necklaces are great for elongating your torso. Make sure you choose one with plenty of weight and length … the pendant should drop below the bust to create a flattering V. 

Wear a pendant with a polo, crew or boat neck. 

‘’I love the fun, fashion and flexibility that the business gives me and I love helping people look and feel good! I fit my work round my two girls, part time farming job and busy life in Northumberland … I love gardening, cooking and gin too!‘’

Tips to wear jewellery on your wrists

Always expose your wrist if you can. It slims the body down as the wrist is one of the slimmer parts of your body.

Bracelet stacks are a great way of adding personality to a look. Work in threes if you can.

Anything goes but I love a watch or cuff, a delicate and something with texture.

Play around with your favourites. Add colour and texture! 

”They are brilliant for adding personality and style to the simplest of outfits!’’

Using other accessories

Scarves work really well in colder weather and can dress up the simplest of outfits. Play around with tying and draping. They are great for elongating your body and camouflaging any bits you don’t like! They also add colour, texture and style to your look. 

My tops styling tips:

Keep things stylish, simple and classic so you don’t detract from your face! This way the photo won’t date either. 

Avoid a busy print and keep to colours that suit you. Experiment to see what colours work for you (jewel tones suit most people) 

Keep your accessories simple such as a plain hammered hoop or pretty stud on small statement earring- nothing too trendy that would then date your picture.

Roll sleeves to just below your elbow to expose your forearm and decorate with a few simple bracelets or rings. 

If you need more advice or want to try accessories or need an honest opinion on what to wear for your headshot please don’t hesitate to contact me … I offer 1:1 and group style sessions where you can try all the accessories before purchasing! 

To find out more about me and my Stella & Dot business see below for my contact details 

Hannah xx 



VIP style page on Facebook 

How to Create a Time-lapse

15 June 2018


After being asked how I created my time-lapses, I put together this quick tip on how to get that speeded up video effect when you want to show some action in your social media content.

I’m using an iPhone here but you can do a similar thing on a Samsung and other phones. Check in your phone camera settings.

These are great so show the behind the scenes of your business – but in a short video – so it’s not asking too much of your followers to sit and watch something for hours!

It definitely offers a new way to produce content for your social media and I find I get better reach with this kind of post too, perhaps because it’s a authentic story telling snippet of your business and brand.

You can really record anything, from setting up for a special business event or showing people how you are working or creating things.

Here’s how…

Here are some Amazon links to the same Joby Tripod I used in my vlog and a bigger version for larger phones. Not completely necessary but a great investment if you’re planning on doing more videos and time-lapses in the future. Just click the image or text to be directed to the Amazon product.

Smart phone:

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones – Black


Larger smart phone:

Joby GripTight XL GorillaPod Stand Magnetic Mount and Tripod for Larger Smartphones

Bringing photography and graphic design together

09 June 2018

Don’t you just love it when everything comes together so effectively.

I’ve been doing photography with Create Your World and d-c-fix products for some years now. The styled images we have produced have been used on social media and on their e commerce website as well as in B and Q and The Range.

More recently, Create Your World wanted to capture their customers attention by designing some flyers and digital marketing campaigns. I was delighted that they got Claire Harding involved with the graphics. She’s a graphic designer that I’ve known for a while and her work is fantastic.

The brief was to inspire and educate the customer on how to use the sticky back plastic products.  Including clear, accurate and application photography.

Here are  some of the 2018 campaigns that are getting fantastic engagement online.

Photography flyer

You can find out more about Claire here

Website clairejenks.co.uk 

Twitter @cjenksdesign

Where to put arms in a portrait?

01 June 2018

Children-Where to put your arms in a portraitSometimes when taking photos of children, they put a lot of energy into their smile but stand with their arms and hands down by their sides like they have no clue what to do with them.

OK – we adults are the same too! What on earth do we do with these two long limbs that are hanging around and have suddenly got no purpose as soon as a camera appears.

Don’t get me wrong, it can look OK, but often, arms down the side just creates a long, narrow, and dare I say boring, image.

So here are some tips on how to get rid of those lollipop arms. I’ve added some images for you to see examples.

The first image. This shows the boy’s arms down by the side. It’s not too bad but if it was full body shot it would be very soldier like. There are no hands either, which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but I find hands to be a great addition to portraits where possible.

The second image. I captured the child as he ran towards me, his arms in motion. – Running around is a good one for your child to do. It gets their arms moving and swaying in the photograph not to mention genuine happiness- and it shows in the photo. Notice his hand holding a buttercup too – so sweet!

The third image. Here he was collecting dandelions. Using flowers and other props ( even an ice-cream) can be very effective so this was a great opportunity. These are more candid, natural images where they child is doing what they want to do, and often the arms will ‘pose’ automatically. This picture tells more of a story about the child and what he enjoys to do at the innocent age of 6 (maybe not so much by the time he is 10!)

The forth image. The woods are great as there are many things to put the arms and hands around.  Simply positioning one hand on the tree will help loads with the composition of a photo.

Here, I told him to wrap his arms around the tree, but he is also casually fidgeting with a piece of catchweed. I love this, as even though it’s posed, it’s so laidback, and again, like the third image I think it’s a glimpse of his personality.

The fifth image. Lastly, holding onto branches; the kids are usually in their element in trees so it makes for great photos, this time his posture is open and playful. It appears less posed than the forth image; more candid and dynamic!

Children portrait RJM-Photography

The six and seventh images This last set shows how the arms are all pretty much just hanging in no:6 – I think the kids faces say it all! It’s a nice portrait but a bit lacking in energy compared to the next along which shows more personality (yes, that word again). Their arms are doing something useful or interesting and somehow the children seem to have a closer bond in the second version even though there is more space around and between them.

Hope you’ve found these tips useful.

If you would like more top tips to be delivered to you then click the image belowLittle subject big world

Corporate headshots – before and after professional photography.

31 May 2018

Corporate headshots before and after a professional photoshoot with RJM PhotographyCorporate headshots – before and after professional photography.

Meet the team profile pictures are becoming increasing popular in professional businesses, as clients like to know who they are dealing with. It’s important to project a message of trust and professionalism.

I recently had the pleasure of helping Carr and Co, a NorthEast law firm with their new headshots.

Carr’s had already had headshot portraits done a while back by a helpful family member who was an amateur photographer but that had been a long time ago and as new team members had joined over the years it was obvious that the photos all had different lighting and an inconsistent feel to them.

”it was important to get a consistent look throughout all the headshot photos”

I was keen to help out. We arranged a date so that everyone was in the Gosforth office and I set up my mobile studio in the spare room. Rachel McClumpha headshot photoshoot

A tweet from the day

I wanted the background to be a soft grey tone instead of bright white or black that I’ve seen a lot of corporate headshots use. This subtle cool grey colour is much more flattering with skin tones and I feel it fits with the Carr and Co’s branding better too.

”I created a beauty style lighting setup which makes the skin glow”

I positioned all the ladies so that they were all at a similar angle and asked them to lean forward towards me.

The lens I used for all the shots was a 70-200mm 2.8, on a tripod, as it was important to get a consistent look throughout all the headshot photos as they were to be placed on the same webpage.

Here is an image of the before and after portraits on Carr and Co’s website. As you can see, I captured a closer portrait, eliminated the harsh shadows and created a beauty style lighting setup which is very flattering for women’s headshots. This lighting helps the skin glow, gives great catchlights in the eyes and creates a fresh-faced, youthful apperance all whilst keeping the images on brand and professional looking, which is most important for solicitors headshots.

Headshots before, and after by RJM-Photography

Before and after professional headshots

Would you like to update and get some shiny new headshots for you and the team?

If you’d like to find out more about professional, meet-the-team headshots lets chat.

How to get better photos on a bright sunny day

22 May 2018

You might think photos on a bright sunny day will look great but actually our cameras struggle with the contrast in the highlights and shadows and can result in poor images.

Why? The sun so far away and is a hard light source so it creates dark defined shadows. Whereas on a cloudy day the light is softer because the clouds diffuse the suns harshness and scatter the light leaving the shadows subtle or not visible at all.

So does that mean for a more flattering light on our faces we only ever take photos on a cloudy day?

Here’s a quick tip on how to get round this if you’re out and about on a bright sunny day and want to get some great selfies or family snaps that you’ll be really pleased with.

Also checkout my indoor lighting tip here

How Setting Goals Can Improve Family Harmony

25 April 2018

EVO Goal guest blog

At one time or another we all feel the pressure of parenthood. We often tie ourselves in knots with the work-life balance but then feel guilty when we can’t keep everyone happy. How often have you told yourself I’m going to be more patient, I’m not going to shout or I’m going to spend more quality time with my loved ones? Intentions are all well and good but sometimes they fall by the wayside just because life gets in the way.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through experience and extensive research, I now know that to instigate real, long lasting change, creating goals is the key.

Even the simple act of setting goals and breaking down your path to achieving them can make a massive difference in your ability to create change.

‘’If you as a parent feel fulfilled and have balance in your life, then you will be better able to cope’’

So what goals should you be setting?

Before you look at setting goals to improve your family or children’s lives you need to first look at your own life. If you as a parent feel fulfilled and have balance in your life, then you will be better able to cope with the challenges of raising your children. Whether you’re a full-time parent or juggling external work with your family commitments, stepping back to assess your own life and ensure you are in a place that you are content with is so important. I appreciate it can be easier said than done to make time for yourself but finding small pockets of time where you can fit in the things that make you happy (e.g. reading a book, running etc.) is essential. As Jessica Turner mentions in her book The Fringe Hours there is always more time to be found whether it’s 30mins while your child is napping, 20mins on a commuter train, 5 mins between meetings, early morning or late evening.

‘’Helping your child to create (achievable) goals can help increase their confidence’’

Once you’ve looked at your own personal goals, start thinking about your goals for your family. These can be goals for improving your behaviour or habits or those of your children. Helping your child to create (achievable) goals can help increase their confidence and can also help build their resilience and ability to cope with setbacks.

‘’Consistency and routine’’

Key to achieving your goals is identifying small actionable steps, consistency and routine. For example, if your goal is to improve your child’s mental maths, build a routine of asking them questions for 5 mins at the same time every day, e.g. at the breakfast table or on the walk to school. Doing this at the same time every day means you won’t forget and they (hopefully!) won’t complain as they accept that this is the routine.

Some top tips for setting goals:

  1. Make your goals SMART!
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Time-bound
  2. Set BIG GOALS to stretch yourself. Give yourself challenging, stretched timelines. Be determined, focused and put a structured routine in place and you’ll be amazed at how your capacity stretches to accommodate your priorities.
  3. Find your Motivation – Big goals are more like climbing a mountain than a walk in the park and if you don’t have a deep emotional reason for achieving something, you won’t be able to keep going when the going gets tough.

mum and daughter portrait - RJM Photography

Fiona is the founder of EVO GOALS, an online coaching platform, and mum to two little ones. Following years juggling family and work in the city and feeling as though everything was a compromise, Fiona decided to leave her job and set up her own consultancy business. This improved her work-life balance, but she still felt that she could do more. After extensively researching the self-help market and realising there wasn’t one book or product that gave her exactly what she needed (most focus on a single area) she had the idea for EVO GOALS – a simple-to-use affordable platform that combines life coaching and professional productivity coaching in one, helping you to take more control of your life.

Website – www.evogoals.com

Facebook –  www.facebook.com/evogoals

Twitter – www.twitter.com/evogoalsltd

Instagram – www.instagram.com/evogoals

Blog – www.evogoals.com/blog

Product photography Casestudy #2

01 April 2018

Product photography application shots

Product Photography Casestudy – How-to, and application shots

Konrad Hornschuch’s d-c-fix product photography didn’t sit quite right in the Uk and American homeware markets because of differences in style and trends.

I was approached back in 2014 to help create a fresh look for the photography that would help capture the imagination of British buyers and the up-cycling trends. The d-c-fix product currently gets sold in lots of homeware and DIY stores such as B&Q, The Range, Wilkos and B&M as well as online shops like Create Your World.

Normally I help Micro businesses and SME’s with their photography and it’s quite normal for them to leave all their products for me to style and shoot whilst they get on with their other business tasks. Hornschuch, on the other hand, is a large multi million global brand and they would be printing the imagery in brochures, using across websites and social media, and also the big DIY stores would be using them on their point of sale stands. It’s a larger scale job and budget so the photography shoot can be a little different and involve more people.

Getting a stylist

It’s great to get a professional stylist to design and plan the session, and to also be on hand throughout the shoot. Our stylist, from Christie Interiors chooses which furniture, accessories, colour schemes and props to use to bring the scenes to life. She plans which d-c-fix vinyls will work together to create one whole look based around current trends that will inspire customers.

lifestyle product photography moodboard

Proper lighting

Whether it’s flash or natural lighting it’s important to capture well exposed photos. Most of the time the shoot is taken in a real house so I need to make sure there is enough good quality light. Sometimes I need to use my tripod, reflectors and flash heads to boost the light in a scene.

Colour accuracy

It is extremely important for online sales because the the purchaser won’t be happy if they buy the product and it’s not the colour they thought it was when it arrives. This would lead to dissatisfied customers, bad reviews or returns.

Having action shots and closeups

Emma, who runs the UK marketing and sales department, wanted to have images that show the whole application process, how-to’s, before-and-after shots of the product, as well as providing lots of inspiration and ideas for DIY and upcycle enthusiasts. It’s helpful to see how exactly how the product can be used and the intricate details of how sticky back plastic can be folded over a corner or even moulded over an edge of furniture.

Sometimes we need to use a ‘model’ (or someone on the photography set) to photograph the hands cutting or smoothing.

Showing the details and textures

Different angles; this helps to really show the product texture off, as well show how shiny or matt the it is.


I’ve worked with Emma for years now and really understand the brand and ethos of the d-c-fix product so it’s certainly second nature when were on a shoot together. We make a great team.

How to Boost Your Selfies With One Easy Tip

29 March 2018

Taking selfies can be frustrating. So I created a quick vlog about how window lighting can be used in your selfie images or video to produce lovely smooth looking skin and great catchlights in your eyes.

For tips of how to get good lighting outdoors on a bright day check this vlog