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01 November 2016

Find out all about the Product Photography Case Study with Purple Platypus mosaic design.

I was recently contacted by Peter, the artist and creator of Purple Platypus mosaics. He was in the process of getting a new website designed because he and partner Leigh wanted to showcase their handmade products professionally.

Peter explains – ‘’We’ve decided to launch a new website as we are planning to expand into new outlets and also reach a wider online audience. We want the site to be the centrepiece for our business and so realised that a key asset to the new site would be high quality, professional images of our products. Our previous site used our own images. We felt that these did not do justice to our products and gave an amateurish feel to the site.’’

It was while I was out and about that Peter called me. We had a brief chat over the phone, and Peter explained he had never hired a professional product photographer before and wasn’t sure how it worked. So after a quick chat, I took his details and once I got back to my desk I sent him all the information he needed and assured him that I could liaise with his graphic designer and come up with a perfect plan.
Product photographyMy camera and colour checker card

    ‘’RJM Photography came highly recommended for her product photography from Whiteacres Design. We have never contacted a professional photographer before so were unsure about what sort of images we should use for the new website. Rachel had plenty of friendly and informed advice and we were happy to go with her suggestions for how to get the best results from the photo shoot.’’

I had already had a glance at the Purple Platypus website and sent a quick email to his Graphic designer, Amy Purdie at Whiteacres Design so that we could work together to create the right style and imagery for the website. We decided that a mixture of cut-out product photography and in situ lifestyle photography would work very well. When Peter and Leigh dropped the items off we were able to chat further about what would work best.

The photo shoot was scheduled for the Monday. I was overwhelmed to see some of the commissions in real life. The intricate detail was amazing and I was very excited to start setting up the shots. I felt it was important to really show off the colours and detail of the artwork Peter had produced. The previous images didn’t do them justice. Here are the before shots – Although Peter had already done photographs of his work, it didn’t reflect the true beauty and detail of the hand made products.

ppBefore images

I knew that when displaying images online it’s very important to have accurate colour representation and to be able to showcase the texture and details. If people can see these things, it’s the next best thing to having the items in their hand. They are more likely to reach a confident purchasing decision and less likely to return the item when professional product photography is used.

I used my studio lighting with a white backdrop to get all the cut out style images done first. Then created lifestyle set ups for the frames and mirrors, creating different looks for Peter and Leigh to choose from. It took the whole day to capture all the different products and do the post processing work to create the clean cut outs.

Once the best images were chosen and edited I uploaded them to the Cloud for Peter and Leigh to have a look at.

Product photography NewcastleResults

    ‘’We are delighted with the images that Rachel has produced. They show off our products to their absolute best. The colour, detail and setting of each image is to the highest standard and we are confident that they will give our website a truly eye-catching edge and professional feel.’’

Now the photography is done, I’m really excited to see the end result with all the design and website work complete.

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You can find more information and follow the progress of the new website design by checking out the Purple Platypus website and following