How to Create Trust in Your Brand (step 1)

04 August 2017

Brand photography – Trust has become an increasingly important factor when it comes to your business brand.

Why would people buy into us, small business folk if they don’t really know anything about us or our brand?

Once we meet our potential clients we can nurture them and give amazing customer service, but what are the first steps? What can we do before we have even met the customer?

I’m putting up a few blogs all about gaining brand trust, and I have some great guest blogs lined up too. But for now, let me show you how a local business has used story telling through photography to create trust in her brand.
I’ve worked with Bev Stephenson of North Chocolates for a few years now. We mostly do product photos of her delicious chocolate. But this time was different. Bev has already carved out her identity in the market place, but she felt it was important to show the creation taking place and to set the right tone in her message.
We planned how we could capture style consistency in the process from start to finish. We wanted to achieve a behind the scenes into a day in the life of North Chocolates. This was important as Bev makes all the bars herself in her own kitchen, in the NorthEast of England (not on a factory line).
There was a vast range of photos to show the chocolate bars being loving prepared from scratch. Again, this shows the chocolate bars being hand made; the message to the customer being quality. It illustrates the amount of effort and skill that has gone into the making of the artisan bar, verifying the ‘luxury’ status of her brand.
We went on to take commercial photography of the the packaging process – all done manually. Bev loves to use vibrant colours in her branding and this is echoed in her home decor and even her style of clothing. This shows a real sense of authenticity and personality in itself.
commercial product photography by RJM PhotographyAlong with the lifestyle, behind-the-scenes shots we also did posed and casual portrait photography of Bev. These images show different sides to her personality and using different locations around her home ( even one image with her pet cat! )  It really tells a good story about her business.
Bev can now hand pick which images will be best suited for blogs, marketing, editorials and PR photography. More people are likely to engage in her image posts and become followers which then leads to social proof (more trust) – and so the momentum starts. It’s a super way to introduce your business or expand on your branding. People are genuinely interested in the process of things and the story of your business so why not show them.
If you want to find out more about how photography can help your business check out my head shot gallery or commercial lifestyle gallery or just to have a chat about your ideas please get in touch.