Headshot styling advice from The Wardrobe Provocateur

16 June 2017

Headshot styling advice from The Wardrobe Provocateur

Head shot styling advice from Nichola English

So you want to look fabulous for your head shot portrait? That goes without saying! But sometimes choosing the right style(s) to wear during the photo shoot can be a big decision. This is why I asked Nichola English, the Wardrobe Provocateur, to share some of her wonderful advice when preparing.

Here are Nichola’s 8 top tips for you.

  • Simple tips to help with the “what should I wear?” question on photoshoots.

As a Personal Style Coach, I’m often asked to collaborate on photo shoots from vintage to business. One of the key question I’m often asked before the shoot “What Should I Wear?” Firstly, it differs from shoot to shoot, it depends on the location, if it’s in a studio or on location, whatever the location this will have an influence on your photo shoot wardrobe.

  • Corporate Attire

If you work in a corporate environment, or you work with corporate clients, conservative classic outfits are usually the way to go. But remember corporate looks don’t have to be boring or simply black or grey in colour palettes. It’s ok to add a pop of colour, which can help to brighten up your face and make your picture stand out for all the right reasons.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • The Wardrobe

I like to pull a few key pieces from the client’s wardrobe’s then build core outfits based on the client’s style requirements for their photo shoot. It’s important leading up to the shoot to have run through of all the outfits chosen, so you feel confident on the day with your chosen outfits, as it will show on the images. If you’re thinking about necklines and what to opt for go for a V-neck which is very flattering on all you ladies, because it helps to lengthen your neck and displays your beautiful feminine décolleté. If you choose to wear a jacket, team it with a collarless top, keeps it looking modern and the neckline simple and chic.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Don’t be afraid to have fun with colour tones. 

Choose light soft, bright, sparkling and jewel tones for your photos. Colours are a great way to express your emotions visually in a picture, unless you’re feeling super confident, pass on bright red or orange. Please stay clear of neon or fluorescent colour’s they really don’t get on well with the camera and can add an expiry date on your pictures. If the very thought of colour sends you in a panic, just add a pop of colour with your accessories.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Patterns and Prints 

I love mixing up plain sold colours with patterns/prints on client’s shoot’s, they really do look good on camera. However, do try to use one pattern/print that will match the colour palette of the rest of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to go with fabulous florals which are soft, feminine and never go out of fashion.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Accessories are your best friend.

Say yes to accessories! The term accessories covers a multitude of items from necklaces, earrings, watches, brooches, hats (I love hat’s my favorite one is a fedora style hat) and scarfs. Accessories are so your best friend, they can take your outfit from drab to fab, adding an individuality and style in such a way that nothing else can. They can easily make you look like you’re wearing a whole different outfit by simply adding accessories.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Hair

Think of your hair as another element of your wardrobe, it represents femininity and your style, which should be updated, and styled depending on your mood and outfit. Experiment with scarfs, clips, head pieces and even clip-ins (always make sure you have a colour match with clip-in hair extensions as you want them to look as natural as possible with your own hair). If you’ve decided to be brave before the shoot and opting for a new style or cut always remember it should play up to your best features. If in doubt go to your hair dresser.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Make up

Makeup can make a big difference in terms of getting a fabulous professional look. A photograph isn’t just about great arrangement, colours, or even the outfit, but having amazing makeup can bring the most out of your own natural looks. If natural is your own style then stick to that look or if you wear a lot of make-up, then go for it. If you find makeup isn’t your thing then get a professional make-up artist on board. I‘ve work with a few make-up artists and it really pulls everything together from the outfit to the hair to create the perfect photo shoot.

Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

  • Finally, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable, happy, sexy and confident. How you feel during the shoot reflects in the photos, so make sure to wear something that reflects you…..

 Nichola English x

“Nichola is more than a stylist she’s a one woman creative genius and confidence coach with a razor-sharp eye for fashion. Featured in various magazines for her knowledge and dedication she can often be found hosting confidence and style boosting workshops and seminars all over the UK sharing her vast knowledge from the stage at BIG events to talking about fashion, style and confidence on BBC radio.
Nichola is a qualified Life Coach, Holistic Therapist, and an Award Winning Style Coach and the founder of The Wardrobe Provocateur, that specializes in using transformative methods and tools in coaching and styling that helps you to get a better understanding of yourself, your mind, body & your wardrobe”
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Nichola English styling advice on headshot portrait

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