Digital Photos vs Professional Prints

02 March 2014

In this digital savvy age there are many people that ask  ‘Will you sell me the digital files from my child’s portrait session?’ I usually ask ‘Why?’ I’m not being funny about it, I really am interested what they are intending to do with the images. Many will say  ‘Oh, I haven’t decided yet’.

I think of portrait photography as an investment, for all to admire. By actively displaying your professionally finished photos you are able to enjoy your images every day and echo to your children how special and loved they are.


But aren’t CD’s better value for money? A lot of people seem to think so. They believe they are getting more value for money buying the copyright or license to print off their own images. Unfortunately, my research shows that many clients buy with the best intentions of printing the images out themselves or going to a Chemist or Supermarket (with a much inferior printer than a pro photo lab I might add) but they actually don’t get round to doing it. Perhaps they will share their photos on a social networking site and create a wallpaper for their desktop but afterwards sadly stick the CD in a dark draw never to be seen again! Is that really getting value for money?

Some photographers absolutely will not part with the digital files and some are literally shoot and burn. It’s a personal choice. Me, I do offer both (being a people pleaser!) Buuuut, having said that, wouldn’t it be a great injustice to my clients by selling them just a CD and letting them have the ordeal of sorting, choosing and printing them (or not as the case may often be) by themselves. A lot of my customers really appreciate the advice and help when deciding how to display their photos and it’s all part of my service to make sure they get the finished artwork they really want – something that will look fabulous in their home.

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