Representing your business when you're not in the room

Representing your business when you’re not in the room

10 November 2017

I asked copywriter Michelle Nicol to talk about what branding means to her. She kindly wrote me a guest blog with […]

The importance of defining your brand

24 October 2017

As a follow on from my last blog How to create trust in your brand, I wanted to find out […]

How to Create Trust in Your Brand (step 1)

04 August 2017

Brand photography – Trust has become an increasingly important factor when it comes to your business brand. Why would people buy into […]

Head shot Photography Makeovers

28 June 2017

What to expect when you get a makeover with your professional headshot. Many ladies worry about being in front of […]

Headshot styling advice from The Wardrobe Provocateur

16 June 2017

Headshot styling advice from The Wardrobe Provocateur So you want to look fabulous for your head shot portrait? That goes without saying! But […]

Worth your weight in paper

10 May 2017

Guest Post- Are your marketing materials worth your weight in paper? Getting your business cards and flyers is often the first step […]

Why I love working with a local business

30 April 2017

Why I love working with local businesses I’ve worked with businesses to capture their commercial photography at their workspace, shop […]

Rachel McClumpha RJM Photography

Your Headshot Photography Checklist

30 March 2017

How to plan for your headshot session… These tips will ensure you get the best results out of your headshot […]

Behind the Scenes of a Children’s Fashion Photography Shoot

02 November 2016

Behind the scenes of a children’s fashion photoshoot on location. Ever wondered what goes on at a location photo session? Let me invite you to […]

See the Before and After Product Photography

01 November 2016

Find out all about the Product Photography Case Study with Purple Platypus mosaic design. I was recently contacted by Peter, […]

How to create dramatic landscape photographs with leading lines by Anita Nicholson

05 April 2016

How to create dramatic landscape photographs with leading lines   Composition is used as a way of organising all the […]

One simple technique to make your photos look great.

24 March 2016

One simple technique to make your photos look great So composition is a key part of art, design and photography. It’s […]