Behind the Scenes of a Children’s Fashion Photography Shoot

02 November 2016

Behind the scenes of a children’s fashion photoshoot on location.

Ever wondered what goes on at a location photo session? Let me invite you to glance behind the scenes and see what it’s all about.

Children's location photography


At a Newcastle location, we had great fun doing an outdoor photoshoot. It was for a local company; they create personalised baby and kids clothes.

I was really keen to try children’s location photography to capture the fashion images than using a plain studio backdrop so we ventured out to Newcastle.

I had previously been scouting for ideal locations. When I saw this one I knew it would be perfect for the look and feel of the clothing label. It had vibrant, bright colours and also the graffiti style gave it an edgy feel that would work well with the kids.

We met early on the morning and after checking which direction the sun was shining and choosing the best spots for the outdoor photography, the kids and I got straight into the fashion shoot.Childre's location photography

We did a series single and group shots swapping out different t-shirts and tops. Dealing with a group of up to 5 children of varying ages, who aren’t used to fashion shoots can certainly be tricky and I found they needed a lot of guidance. Although, it was fun to let them adapt the poses to suit their own very creative ideas, and it helped them keep interested and enjoy the shoot. Overall they did really well considering they are not professional models.

Children's location photography newcastle

I used my Canon 70D with a 17-55mm lens for the wider shots and my 70-200mm lens for the close ups. Some situations required a burst of off-camera flash, which I had set up with a tripod and umbrella. I wanted to use this to create a few styled shots with slightly more dramatic lighting and wall shadows. But I also used the ambient light only for the softer, more natural look.

The shoot took about 1 hour. Once I got back to the studio I was able to select the best images and apply post processing to make sure the colours contrast looked great. I was reallyLocation photoshoot NewcastleThis is the gang, we all had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do more urban shoots.

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