One Great Tip To Get Fabulous Summer Photos

16 July 2015

The Summer holidays are almost here Yay! – Can you remember the excitement when you where young?

Some of my best childhood memories involve warm, lazy days; sports day, climbing trees, riding bikes, water fights and lots and lots of laughter.

Well, for the last few years I have been making sure I document all these memories of my kids. Especially because I’ve become aware that these happy times, that I thought I’d never forget, are becoming rather blurry in my memory not that my kids are getting older. Thank goodness for digital technology to capture all these memories forever!


So taking a children’s portrait is nothing new, but over the years I’ve really come to love and value those lifestyle photographs that show the bigger picture (pardon the pun).

We’ve all been there; when you just want your child to smile nicely at the camera but they run away or start pulling silly faces instead. It mostly develops into ”come on, just one nice smile, pllleease…” and then there’s the negotiations of chocolate, ice cream etc, but unfortunately that usually leads to really fake smiles which is even worse!

So my top tip this summer is not to stress about your child looking posed with perfect smiles, but instead look for who or what genuinely puts a smile on their face. – What are they excited about?

I find my kids appreciate not being interrupted by my camera antics all the time and much prefer to be getting on with their important tasks of digging, exploring and playing. So now I just sit back; watch and wait….


Children's portrait in the woods at Northumberland by Rachel McClumpha at RJM photography

Children light up at the smallest of things, like the wonder of discovering a tiny beastie in the garden, or the joy of the wind in their hair on a swing, or a serving of their favourite ice cream – you might even take a photo of the tantrum when they don’t get a second helping! (I promise you will laugh at that image too in a few years time) Look for the emotions of the day or even just quieter moments that tell a story and if you are anything like me, you will cherish them the most because those are the images that show your childs true personality.

Perhaps these photos will not make the space above the fire place but you will adore looking back on them never-the-less. If you’re super organsied, these type of images work great as a collection in a photo book or make a great Christmas gifts to pass on at the end of the year.

I hope you have a great Summer – happy snapping!



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