”How much do you charge for product photography?” 

23 November 2018

”How much do you charge for product photography?”

I often get asked about pricing for product photography. It can be hard to say off the top of my head as every job is so different. I normally have a good chat with my client about what their brand needs before I am able to price up a job properly. However, after speaking with many business owners about this I thought it would be helpful to provide a guide so that they can be more clear on their investment.

These suggestions cater for online shops scenarios but are certainly not set in stone. You might want to tweak depending on your needs or add on to the amount of items. Just get in touch and we can cost out what you need. Photoshoots can always be tailormade to suit your needs but this should hopefully give you an idea.

£250 = 25 individual items of any of the examples below

1. In Studio – White/cut out background with drop shadow (no props)

2 angle variations (50 images in total)

Product photography shoesOR


2. In Studio – Plain coloured background – 2 variations (50 images in total)

Model not included.

kids fashion photography


3. On Location – Fashion accessories or footwear. Each item worn, and unworn (50 images in total)

Model not included

Shoe location fashion photography


4. In studio – Styled background, set position with different props (25 images in total) – Props not included

Product photography

Please note prices or volume of items are approximate and subject to change.

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