How to Choose the Right Accessories for a Headshot Portrait

24 July 2018

choosing the right accessories for a headshot portrait sessionHow to choose the right accessories for a headshot portrait.

I asked Hannah, an independent stylist for Stella & Dot, to share some of her knowledge after attending one of her local events. I was really impressed with all the styling and jewellery wearing tips and thought it would be so, so useful to get her to write up a guest blog for my headshot portrait clients to read all about.

So let me introduce Hannah..

Hi I’m Hannah Hubb, I’ve been a stylist for nearly two years, starting my business on a complete whim to make a bit of extra money for Christmas selling the gorgeous, versatile, nickel free accessories … and two years later I am still going strong! So I’d love to give you some great suggestions and pointers to pick out jewellery accessories to wear for your headshot photography.

How Earrings are important to complete the look

Wear a statement earring alone, never put on a statement necklace too! Less is more but you can finish your look with some bracelets or a ring or two. 

Statement earrings are brilliant for elongating a face defining and complimenting cheekbones. Sparkly or white earrings push light on to the face too blurring your lines! 

Wear statement earrings with a strapless or one shoulder top. They can also be worn with crew, boat, polo or v neck.

Mixed metals work! Play around … gold and silver, rose gold and hematite – anything goes. 

‘’As a Stella & Dot stylist I get lots of training on how best to wear accessories”

How to wear a statement and pendant necklaces

If you decide to wear a statement necklace finish your look with a simple stud earring. 

If you have a large bust wear a statement necklace with caution, play around first. 

Statement necklaces work well with a crew neck. V necks also look good ( fill the v with the statement). Denim shirts look fab with a statement … just do the collar up and add your statement! 

Pendant necklaces are great for elongating your torso. Make sure you choose one with plenty of weight and length … the pendant should drop below the bust to create a flattering V. 

Wear a pendant with a polo, crew or boat neck. 

‘’I love the fun, fashion and flexibility that the business gives me and I love helping people look and feel good! I fit my work round my two girls, part time farming job and busy life in Northumberland … I love gardening, cooking and gin too!‘’

Tips to wear jewellery on your wrists

Always expose your wrist if you can. It slims the body down as the wrist is one of the slimmer parts of your body.

Bracelet stacks are a great way of adding personality to a look. Work in threes if you can.

Anything goes but I love a watch or cuff, a delicate and something with texture.

Play around with your favourites. Add colour and texture! 

”They are brilliant for adding personality and style to the simplest of outfits!’’

Using other accessories

Scarves work really well in colder weather and can dress up the simplest of outfits. Play around with tying and draping. They are great for elongating your body and camouflaging any bits you don’t like! They also add colour, texture and style to your look. 

My tops styling tips:

Keep things stylish, simple and classic so you don’t detract from your face! This way the photo won’t date either. 

Avoid a busy print and keep to colours that suit you. Experiment to see what colours work for you (jewel tones suit most people) 

Keep your accessories simple such as a plain hammered hoop or pretty stud on small statement earring- nothing too trendy that would then date your picture.

Roll sleeves to just below your elbow to expose your forearm and decorate with a few simple bracelets or rings. 

If you need more advice or want to try accessories or need an honest opinion on what to wear for your headshot please don’t hesitate to contact me … I offer 1:1 and group style sessions where you can try all the accessories before purchasing! 

To find out more about me and my Stella & Dot business see below for my contact details 

Hannah xx 


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