Lifestyle headshot session – case study #1

23 August 2018

I waited at The Cycle Hub, coffee in hand.

Laura had just rang to say she was running late – she had stylist Helen Lee at her home helping her with hair , makeup and clothing choices for the shoot and thy were just finishing off.

I had taken the opportunity to grab a Cycle Hub brownie (amazing by the way) and go to the loo before she arrived.

Laura had already had a photoshoot with me last year. It had been done at her home in Durham. Because Laura is a inspirational blogger she needs plenty of new content to keep her website and social media fresh and inspiring to her followers. I was looking forward to be seeing her again.

We had planned out the photoshoot with a Pinterest mood board and because I knew about Laura’s coaching and wellbeing business it was great to do something out doors this time to achieve a new range a imagery for her. Laura helps women with their goals and helps them plan out their life, towards a place that they really want to be, or to create the business of their dreams.

It was a lovely sunny day down on Newcastle quayside and I was conscious of finding shaded locations around the Ouseburn for the photography, as I didn’t want any harsh shadows to fall on Laura’s face and look unflattering.

Luckily there were lots of shaded places to choose from and I could visualise the end results looking great with all the available colours. I decided it would be wise to put my flash in the bag too just incase we needed to fill in any shadows.

Laura arrived. She looked great- her hair and makeup were lovely.

With the boot of her car open, she showed me a selection of clothes which she had brought and we took the chance to discuss options.

”I’ve got some key places in mind” I said,

and we wandered over to The Kiln. I knew there’d be other places we’d find on the way too.

Location scouting at The Kiln

I loved these mustard yellow triangles and had a vision of Laura standing here (especially great as Laura uses this colour in her branding) but the harsh sun had moved round and the location was now in bright sunlight. That was so frustrating! But I was so glad I packed my flash after all. I was able to get rid of the dark shadows by using a fill in flash.

Laura was a little nervous at first (which is totally natural) but she soon got past that and just did everything I asked. What a star – there were people around and walking past, builders, etc but Laura completed focused and didn’t let it bother her.

We did a few other locations around the area with interesting buildings and backdrops to give the impression we were at different locations. This would help Laura’s content look like it had been done on different days.

Lifestyle photography for business

Photography inside The Kiln

We ventured inside  The Kiln cafe, I had seen it a previously and thought it would make for a lovely lifestyle set up with her laptop and a coffee. The cafe is very chilled out and they were great about letting us do a few photos whilst we also took the opportunity to grab a drink. It’s a fabulous little place if you’re ever down at the Ouseburn, you should pop in.

Lifestyle location photoshoot in Newcastle

Location scouting at the Ouseburn farm area

Later after a visit back to the car and a quick change or clothes we went to a more natural location about 15 mins walk away. I loved the tall reeds as a background setting and it gave a whole different look to the other urban pictures we had gotten so far.

Lifestyle location photoshoot in Newcastle RJM-Photography

Location scouting for pink walls

As we headed in a circle back to the car we went past Seven stories – a great location for shady photos. This area has lots of colours and Laura was delighted to see the salmon pink which she uses in her branding.

I had spotted this area from my car before I met up with Laura and new it would make for a colourful and fun background. I did have to stand in the middle of the road to get some of the shots which was a bit hair-raising at times but I didn’t get run over and now live to see another day!

After the shoot Laura was able to use the pictures throughout her Instagram page and on her website. Its looking great and I’m so proud to have helped her achieve the branding and imagery she wanted. Check out Laura’s wonderful pages..

Website –

Instagram – Wholeheartedlylaura