Product photography Casestudy #2

01 April 2018

Product photography application shots

Product Photography Casestudy – How-to, and application shots

Konrad Hornschuch’s d-c-fix product photography didn’t sit quite right in the Uk and American homeware markets because of differences in style and trends.

I was approached back in 2014 to help create a fresh look for the photography that would help capture the imagination of British buyers and the up-cycling trends. The d-c-fix product currently gets sold in lots of homeware and DIY stores such as B&Q, The Range, Wilkos and B&M as well as online shops like Create Your World.

Normally I help Micro businesses and SME’s with their photography and it’s quite normal for them to leave all their products for me to style and shoot whilst they get on with their other business tasks. Hornschuch, on the other hand, is a large multi million global brand and they would be printing the imagery in brochures, using across websites and social media, and also the big DIY stores would be using them on their point of sale stands. It’s a larger scale job and budget so the photography shoot can be a little different and involve more people.

Getting a stylist

It’s great to get a professional stylist to design and plan the session, and to also be on hand throughout the shoot. Our stylist, from Christie Interiors chooses which furniture, accessories, colour schemes and props to use to bring the scenes to life. She plans which d-c-fix vinyls will work together to create one whole look based around current trends that will inspire customers.

lifestyle product photography moodboard

Proper lighting

Whether it’s flash or natural lighting it’s important to capture well exposed photos. Most of the time the shoot is taken in a real house so I need to make sure there is enough good quality light. Sometimes I need to use my tripod, reflectors and flash heads to boost the light in a scene.

Colour accuracy

It is extremely important for online sales because the the purchaser won’t be happy if they buy the product and it’s not the colour they thought it was when it arrives. This would lead to dissatisfied customers, bad reviews or returns.

Having action shots and closeups

Emma, who runs the UK marketing and sales department, wanted to have images that show the whole application process, how-to’s, before-and-after shots of the product, as well as providing lots of inspiration and ideas for DIY and upcycle enthusiasts. It’s helpful to see how exactly how the product can be used and the intricate details of how sticky back plastic can be folded over a corner or even moulded over an edge of furniture.

Sometimes we need to use a ‘model’ (or someone on the photography set) to photograph the hands cutting or smoothing.

Showing the details and textures

Different angles; this helps to really show the product texture off, as well show how shiny or matt the it is.


I’ve worked with Emma for years now and really understand the brand and ethos of the d-c-fix product so it’s certainly second nature when were on a shoot together. We make a great team.